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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

The title 'Sweet Evil' is perfect for this book.
I'm going to try and do this review without any spoilers ;)
The books starts off with a birth and then goes on to tell the story of the child.
The Chapter titles are brilliant and well thought out.

This book is easily a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Fiction book and it fits that genre very well indeed. It's told from the third person point of view. It's full of heart-felt, cute, hilarious and heart-wrenching quotes. The author tells the story well and gradually builds to a great ending. As far as I was concerned I think all loose threads were tied up at the end and if not then I'm sure they will be in the rest of the trilogy.

This book follows good-natured and large-faithed girl Anna Whitt as she discovers her hidden heritage and finds who she really is. Right at the beginning of the books she meets Kaidan Rowe, who is a drummer in the band Lavicious, at a band gig her friend Jay brings her too so he can get his own composed music listened too. There were three main parts to the book)- The beginning which introduced the characters and the setting. The middle of the book was the two characters Anna and Kaidan getting to know each other on a road trip in which Anna hopes to discover more about herself and meet her father and then the is the last third of the book which is Anna dealing with this new information and battling for her life in this new life she's entered.

Along the way though she discovers things about Kaidan that make him dangerous and scream sex-appeal (literally) but what she discovers about not only him but herself prove they can never be together. Isn't that always the way?

It takes a whole different view on one of the main paranormal themes: Angels and Demons. It's not some hanzy-panzy Edward and Bella story all over again.
There was a point in the book where the main character Anna became very mopey about Kaidan which slightly annoyed me. I thought she should be slightly stronger but after all she'd found out and been through I suppose I can let that go. This time.
The last third of the book is also pulled out to last for 8 months which I found a bit iffy.

It definitely gets 5 stars from me and it's definitely a book where you get all you're looking for right there or you hate it.

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